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HCIA-CLoud Service v2.2


HCIA-Cloud Service certification is designed for engineers who want to acquire knowledge and hands-on skills of prevailing public cloud services across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS and basic operation and management of eight mainstream Huawei Cloud products. Includes but is not limited to the following parts: Concept and Value of Cloud Service, Architecture and Ecosystem of Huawei Cloud, Operation/Management/Application of Huawei Cloud Computing Service, Storage Service, Network Service, Security Service, Cloud Eye Service, RDS Service, EI Service and API Gateway.

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    HCIA-IoT V2.5 Engineer Certification Course

    Have a good command of basic IoT knowledge and Huawei IoT solution architecture, be able to perform O&M and development based on the architecture, and be capable of developing end-to-end services based on the architecture. Be qualified for IoT O&M/development engineers.

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